Fall Progressions

Aloha friends, it has been an interesting time in the island making new friends. I recently got to chat with Fred Kamaka (one of the ukulele Grandfathers) and play with a Grammy Winning artist in Honolulu.

Meanwhile, my good friend Dimitris (percussion player in the band) has had some amazing his words: "Surfers, restaurants and others in Samara have embraced the music including people from Austria, Germany, San Salvador, Guatemala and business owners from Sweden now living in Samara. The music is travelling throughout Central America and starting to "swim" throughout the world. Aloha, Dimitris"

New songs are soon ready for release and I'm working with a new Label/Publisher 'Acoustic Soul Entertainment Group'. It's really an exciting time. My only wish at this point is to get more music to you all as soon as possible!

Hope it was a great thanksgiving. Let's all be thankful for what we have and stay blessed.



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