Harvest Moon

September...It's that time of year that's totally magic! Though I'm a better musician than magician. I saw the harvest moon tonight. Of course Neil Young popped into my head but then I thought about what an amazing summer it has been. The music has been great. We sure played a lot of gigs but a friend once told me this was only the beginning and another friend once told me the best is yet to come. I think that is a good life motto. Live in the present but you got to be looking forward to something. Maybe it is the nice waves we have been having, walking around on the longboard, or feeling the perfect fall breeze. I just found out today that whales are off our coast. I actually was not surprised, but we need to do our part to keep the ocean, rivers, beaches, and mountains clean. Oh yeah, I was writing about music...I just wanted to say that we got some new T-Shirts made and if you come out to the concert (or bar/restaurant..LOL) we can hook you up! Hope to see you soon. Namaste.

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