Shine Down

Sam Sims
Sam Sims


If there was a wish that I could wish for you and me then I’d wish all our dreams to come true

I’d dedicate this song to you in love and peace and hope to remember all the things we knew

If you remember our love, when there’s a rainbow

Won’t You Shine Down, Won’t You Shine – Shine Down on Me

If there was a way that I could ride the sunrise down the coastline in and out of the deep blue

I’d find a way back home to you thru rain; hail, sleet, and snow say I will be your lover thru and thru

Won’t You Shine Down, Won’t You Shine

Do you remember the breadfruit trees when we’d cook on the fire

Do you remember Mount Irvine Bay where we broke down from flat tires

Do you remember the colors that shined from the rainbow of desire

Well I...I remember you

Won’t You Shine Down, Won’t You Shine

Cause Every day I love you just a little bit more a little bit more

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