Neon Signs


Sam Sims
Sam Sims


Why don't you pour a shot of tequila...

2, 3, or 4 cause you know that I need to...

Shake off the worries of yesterday

It's good for your heart, that's what they say...

Arriba abajo acentro adentro

Nastrovia salud or whatever you're into

We'll get some courage we've never had

Might make us might just make us laugh

Que pasa senorita...tu quieres bailar?

Jump up now cause it is your chance to move and groove and make up some romance

Tequila dance, tequila songs...Patron or Cuervo could never be wrong

Look over there it is your chica...spin her around and tell her that you need her

One foot in and one foot out now...turn turn around but try not to fall down

Que pasa senorita...tu quieres bailar?

Won't you come with me...we can leave tonight...we'll drink tequila...until we feel...until we feel alright

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