Neon Signs

Words Alone

Sam Sims
Sam Sims


Tonight I see the starlight...I think of how the sun shines bright

And when I think of you...this heart shines too

If I could never be blue...from all of the things life will put you through

And many things I just don't need to tell...but I know I wish you well

And maybe there's a black-winged bird that flies away...

Maybe you're the breaking wave that will become my wings...

And babe, pretty babe, I sing I love you won't you stay...

You know sometimes that words alone can't say what you've got to say

Never love or live in can't just sit and pass the years

There's a road that you'll choose...and sometimes you win in the times that you lose

If what you light is this fuse...then you can conclude that I want to soothe

No one tell me that is wrong...with you I know I always will belong

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